UK Electric Bike Centre

UK Electric Bikes


The Project


UK Electric Bike Centre Ltd is a business start-up based in Staplehurst, Kent. Founded by Marcus van der Gaag, the aim is to provide green tourism opportunities across Kent through the use of electric bike hire.

UK Electric Bikes sought funding from LC+ in order to purchase new equipment such as a bike trailers and e-bikes and also associated equipment such as helmets, locks etc. In addition, they were looking to optimise their website for SEO and commence a Google Adwords (PPC) campaign in order to drive more business to the company. The exact costs were identified in their application with an estimated total of £27,000.

Green Actions

  • Exploring environmentally friendly travel
  • Providing green tourism opportunities

Technology Involved

  • Electric Bikes

The project was selected given the increasing demand for eco-tours in Kent following on, in particular, from the work carried by ExploreKent.



  • Creation of seven new jobs
  • Promotion of green travel
  • Low Carbon Funding allowed the project to develop quickly
  • Ensured an increase on GVA (£58,000)
  • Opportunity to explore relationship with another LCK client, CyclePods