Project MotorHouse

Project MotorHouse


The Project


Project MotorHouse is a transformative project designed to give Ramsgate facilities which it currently lacks. It will tackle one of the derelict buildings on Ramsgate’s seafront and turn it into the kind of sophisticated offering which Thanet District Council’s Destination Management Plan identifies as a key component for economic regeneration.

When completed the building will be self-sustaining and will include an outdoor theatre/cinema, a brasserie style restaurant and bar with a huge, sheltered south facing terrace overlooking the port and harbour, a gallery and function rooms.

2000 square metres plus a 600 square metre terrace and 900 square metre garden. It includes an outdoor theatre, indoor theatre, 3 indoor cinemas, a restaurant and a lift from harbour level to the cliff top.

PMH employed niche advisors “Julie’s Bicycle” to advise on optimising solar and wind power,  low carbon lighting, air flow systems, waste disposal, lift drives and recyclable materials so that the theatres and cinemas are 3 Star Creative Energy Green rated.

Green Actions

  • Lower costs through increased energy efficiency without compromising profitability.

Technology Involved

  • Provide an energy efficient lift that can provide disabled access from the harbour to the cliff top.


  • Creation of 41 new jobs.
  • Improve business survival by reducing utility costs and generating power.
  • The LCK grant allowed the project to develop and ensured an increase on GVA which will enable the business to be more resilient to competition.