C-Care Green Recovery Voucher Scheme

C-Care Green Recovery Voucher Scheme – closed March 2023


C-Care was a cross-Channel Interreg project which aimed to respond to some of the socio-economic challenges brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. 86 small to medium enterprises (SMEs) in Kent have been supported with a voucher of up to £1,500 towards their sustainable recovery project, from the C-Care Green Recovery Voucher Scheme, which finished in March, 2023.

39 SMEs completed energy saving projects, such as upgrading to LED lighting, to reduce their CO2 footprint and overhead costs. There was also significant interest in the net zero consultancy lot; businesses could choose from 7 service providers who would review their operations and provide a plan to help the business achieve net zero.

Case studies were produced to highlight the benefits this support has brought to six businesses. Videos can be viewed here:

AW Group – Net-zero planning

Ela’s Beehive – Bee monitoring equipment

Hayne House – PIR sensor LED lighting

Written case studies can be found here:

Solaris Energy – Dual electric vehicle chargepoints

Woodchurch Wine Estate – Tree planting

Something in Kent – E-bike



As an outcome of this project, the Sustainable Business Team at Kent County Council has developed a Sustainable Business Toolkit. You can download the toolkit for free here:

Kent Sustainable Business Toolkit