The Heating Hub

The Heating Hub


The Project


The Heating Hub is based in Rochester and specialises in the installation of wood-burning stoves, biomass boilers and solar thermal panels. The business is continually growing and is a well-recognised installer locally.

Green Actions

  • Annual CO2 Energy Reduction of 64,070kg.
  • Continuing to supply Kent with efficient heating measures and helping to keep costs low

Technology Involved

  • New equipment replacing older less efficient equipment and methods
The company received funding of £20,000 towards the costs of re- branding, equipment purchase and marketing/exhibition costs.


  • Lower costs, increased productivity and more efficient working practices have increased the number of jobs without compromising on profitability.
  • Safeguarded nine existing jobs and created a position for an apprentice.
  • Increased the number of stoves and solar systems installed.
  • Ensured an increase on GVA which will enabled the business to grow quickly and with more resilience.
  • Annual cost saving of £69,070