Kent REVS Van Trial

Kent REVS up for Cleaner Air

Kent REVS up for Cleaner Air

As part of our desire to help the transition to cleaner, greener transport infrastructure, Kent County Council have secured £1.5M of Highways England funding to operate a two-year electric van scheme for businesses. The ‘Kent Realising Electric Vans Scheme’ is one action that we hope will help reduce emissions across the strategic road network by encouraging business fleets to switch to electric.

The scheme is now underway with around half of the van fleet now with us and the first wave already out across the county. It is available to any Kent (and Medway) business who would like to ‘try for free’ an electric van for up to two months. This is operated by the specialist team at Kent Commercial Services and will eventually lead to a range of 50 electric vans for trial throughout the county.

The aim is that more businesses will be more likely to convert their fleets to electric if they have an opportunity to try these vans for an extended period, before committing to a purchase or long term lease. HE has also funded similar schemes, the first is underway in Leeds. This will be included under our existing Low Carbon Kent business offering through the LoCASE project. For a local example of how other Kent firms have already incorporated electric vans into their fleet, see here.

There has also been some capital made available to expand the electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Kent and we are working closely with partners on installing further chargers at suitable locations across Kent.

For more information on this scheme or to feed into plans, please contact and we will happily make contact.

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