Gleneagles Guesthouse

Gleneagles Guesthouse


The Project

Gleneagles Guesthouse is a grade 2 listed building offering high quality guest accommodation and a high quality tea room. Having undertaken a prior, major refurbishment programme, they were able to upgrade some of their systems to ensure a more low carbon accommodation business. However, this still left other essential areas in need of attention and upgrade.

Converting to LED lighting and sensors in the communal areas needed addressing, along with a new modern boiler to give the advantages of greater control resulting in further, cost effective savings. They also planned to install sensors on radiator valves to make savings by isolating individual empty rooms.

A further key project was to be the replacement of their elderly large fridge freezer, which was over 16 years old. The aim was to replace it with a modern, more energy efficient model.

It was hoped to not only raise the Gleneagles Guesthouse’s environmental profile with customers, but also increase by up to 2%, new bookings from environmentally aware customers by 2018. Key environmental targets included a 12% energy reduction in annual C02e emissions.

A survey was carried out by a LoCASE Advisor, confirming the need for the changes and identifying further energy saving opportunities that would result in potential savings of over £700. It was also agreed that as the existing boiler has a seasonal efficiency of just over 78.56, consideration should be given to replacing it with a modern, gas condensing one.

Over 115 lights were to be replaced with low energy equivalent LED’s and lighting controls installed. To ensure that the complex electrical needs of the Grade 2 listed building were met, a suppler was engaged with an in-depth working knowledge of the building, having worked on it regularly over the past 4 years.

The freezer in the kitchen also needed replacing as it was showing visible signs of material degradation, and it was recommended that a modern equivalent would represent a good investment with regards to potential energy savings.

The Process

LoCASE was contacted by Gleneagles Guesthouse MD Gary Lewen, who had engaged with the LoCASE Project through both a business briefing and via the BEST Growth Hub. The application process was then completed & submitted. The next stage was for the business to move on to gaining the relevant quotes needed, in order to get the grant approved and to get the work underway.

The Outcome

The Gleneagles Guesthouse received a LoCASE grant of almost £5,000 and were able to engage the electrician with the expert knowledge suitable for the project.

From previously using 9,315 kWh of electricity per annum, a reduction to just over 2,500kWh would be achieved, resulting in electricity costs (previously over £980 per annum), being reduced to almost £300 per annum. The kWh savings would be 6681.2kWh & the CO2 savings would be 2,753 kgCO2e per annum.


“Gleneagles Guesthouse has undergone extensive refurbishment, however a number of the communal areas lighting systems and our heating system were outdated and inefficient. It was also realised that because of the age of the building, we would need tradesmen who would be familiar with the building’s needs…The LoCASE Energy Advisor confirmed the need for a ‘sympathetic’ approach to the work and throughout the process was very helpful and accessible when needed…The outcome was a great success and we are very happy with the results from the project, which have resulted in us making significant savings on our energy bills.”

Gary Lewen MD, Gleneagles Guesthouse

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