Upcycle your Waste Be Part of Kent’s Circular Economy…

Upcycle Your Waste Business Online Matchmaking Event – Join Kent’s Circular Economy!

What is the ‘circular economy’? Understand the value of your waste streams and meet other businesses who might have a direct need for them!

Upcycle your Waste – Be Part of Kent’s Circular Economy… Tickets, Fri 3 Feb 2023 at 10:00 | Eventbrite

What’s on?

On Friday the 3rd of February from 10.00 – 12.00 the Low Carbon Kent team will be holding a fully funded online business matchmaking event as part of the Upcycle Your Waste project for small-medium business enterprises across Kent.

  • Opportunity to hear from our inspirational keynote speaker Kresse Wesling CBE (among others!) who will be sharing her experience of building a luxury goods brand Elvis & Kresse using ‘upcycled’ waste materials!
  • Unique interactive networking opportunities with the Remo platform where participants can meet each other around virtual tables and facilitate useful conversations around waste and resources supplies that are available and connecting those to businesses who have a need.
  • Q&A with our panel of circularity experts for help and guidance around best practice about generating new economic activity whilst reducing waste disposal costs at the same time!

Who should attend?

  • Are you a business/organisation that currently segregates your waste streams e.g paper, plastics, glass, hardcore, metals, electronics, wood, organic/food, rubber, textiles, aggregates for traditional waste management and/or recycling purposes only?
  • Would you like to know more about the opportunity to collaborate with other businesses and organisations to turn your waste into a resource? Could you utilise someone else’s ‘waste’ within your business model?
  • Would you like to learn from others already working towards ‘Industrial Symbiosis’, sharing of knowledge and expertise in this area to have a positive impact on our critical resources and create an important cornerstone of your customer facing ESG policy?



Image: Low Carbon Kent team presenting at our waste exchange event in Canterbury

What is the Upcycle Your Waste project?

Upcycle Your Waste is an Interreg funded pilot project. In Kent we are dedicated to accelerating the adoption by SMEs of circular business cases that transform company waste flows into valuable resources. Upcycling in the context of this project means transforming waste(d) materials or parts into secondary resources as products, parts or materials of at least equal and preferably better technical, economical and societal quality, without burdening people and the environment with hazardous and harmful substances. This will, in turn add value and reduce the use of virgin materials in the process.

Our focus is on organising and supporting local SMEs to collectively procure and implement services for upcycling of their waste streams (waste as a resource) to replace existing non-circular practices (landfill, incineration, re-/down cycling). Participation in the pilots and all related activities will be free and open to all SMEs throughout the project.

We aim and expect to generate innovative solutions from diverse suppliers and buyers with an upcycling perspective, mainly outside the ‘traditional’ waste management industry e.g. a company collecting all textile waste from an area to produce new fabrics.

It will also consider the likely scenario that multiple companies offer complimentary solutions for the various predominant waste streams in a pilot area. These pilots will demonstrate how SMEs can be enabled to adopt circular business cases by building on collective analysis of waste streams, procurement and contracting of waste management services at the business area level.

What will it cost me?

The event is fully funded and free to attend for business matchmaking participants!

All we ask for is some of your valuable time which we think we can make worth your while by assessing the options available to you as part of Kent’s circular economy with you and other businesses!

How to get involved?

The process is quick and easy, click the link below and register and you’ll receive instructions on how to join the event!

Upcycle your Waste – Be Part of Kent’s Circular Economy… Tickets, Fri 3 Feb 2023 at 10:00 | Eventbrite