Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd

Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd


The Project


TOTAL LOCKOUT (Safety) Ltd is an SME specialising in safety equipment. They are manufacturers and suppliers of safety equipment and providers of training used by motor vehicle technicians on electric and hybrid vehicles (EHV).

EHVs present significant risk of electrocution during maintenance and repair if safe working procedures are not followed. The service supplied by Total Lockout ensures that technicians can work safely. A recent report by the Institute of Motor Industries (IMI) identified a significant shortage in trained personnel as the growth of EHV market continues . Total Lockout aspires to become a market leader as this industry develops.

The purchase of Solidworks CAD software was identified as an important element towards the business growth of Total Lockout. Not only would the software help with the efficient design of the products, it would also add the function of emailing the design directly to a 3D printer. This would mean that processes would be significantly faster and the company would reduce time spent on phone calls, emails and travel.

The company also wanted to upgrade their lighting, currently consisting of 36 T8 18 Watt bulbs & 3 Sodium 400 Watt bulbs to more energy efficient LED lighting & fittings. The energy cost of lighting tor the company prior to the project was £352 per annum. From the lighting alone, the company produces 1.1 tonnes of CO2e annually. With the upgrade to LED, the company would reduce energy costs by £195 p.a. and reduce their carbon emissions by 0.61 tonnes of CO2e.

It was also envisaged that the introduction of the new design & publication equipment would mean that any visits to subcontractors would be eliminated due to the inbuilt self-checking capability of the software. On average a journey of 100km taken twice a month would result in an annual mileage of 2,400kms and CO2 emissions of 159,/km. Total CO2 savings were expected to be in the region of 381,600g per annum.

The Process

Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd Managing Director, Tim Hughes, heard about the LoCASE project via a recommendation by Innova Systems and with LoCASE support, the grant application form was completed and two independent quotes for the new software and new energy efficient LED lighting were obtained.

Further checks were completed, the application was submitted and Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd was able to commence with the project.

The Outcome

A LoCASE grant of £3,200 enabled Total Lockout to replace both its existing lighting with energy efficient LED lighting, and acquire the new software which has enabled the company to become as productive, as swiftly as possible. The latest version of Solidworks, along with the allocated service packs has meant that Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd, has also received the necessary training needed to imbed the skills and benefits that will potentially result from the success of the project.


“We were very grateful for the support that LoCASE gave us throughout the project…the new lighting and software has enabled us to meet our original target of enhancing productivity and reducing our CO2 emissions.”

Tim Hughes – Managing Director, Total Lockout (Safety) Ltd

For further information regarding the LoCASE project, please contact or visit
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