The Coloured Render Company

The Coloured Render Company Ltd


The Project


The Coloured Render Company Ltd offers energy saving external wall systems to both private and commercial sectors. They actively seek local work by attending shows.

At each promotional event, visitors are educated in how to access ECO Funding and Green Deal providers. The thermal efficiency of their properties can be upgraded to save energy and costs. The vast knowledge in the solid wall industry and the types of systems used are key factors in how the company presents themselves to visitors at the show.

Green Actions

• Promoting Green Technologies
• Educating members of the public
• Promoting cost saving and efficiency

Technology Involved

• Innovative external wall insulation product.

The project received a grant towards exhibition costs and marketing material.

Support from LC+ has enabled the company to continue attending shows relevant to the sector.



  • Allowed them to keep ahead of outside contractors who use labor from all over the UK rather than local tradespeople.
  • Created two new jobs and safeguarded four jobs.
  • Ensured a 50% increase on GVA which will enable the business to grow more quickly with more resilience than otherwise would have been expected.
  • Annual cost saving – £10,000