Spectrum Vehicle Repairers

Spectrum Vehicle Repairers


The Project

Since being established in 1986, Spectrum Repairers Group of Companies has become one of the leading commercial body shop groups, serving the M25, London and the South East. They currently have purpose built, state of the art yards with workshops conveniently situated close to the Dartford crossing (two sister companies operating in Grays, Essex) enabling them to respond quickly to any type of repair from a minor scratch to the most severe damage on any sized vehicle or trailer.

Spectrum Repairers’ environmental policy focuses not only on the wider impact of their operation but also on the communities around each of their sites. The business is fully aware, at all levels, of its responsibilities regarding the protection of the environment and is committed to ensuring that the activities undertaken comply with the regulations to sustain a safe and improved working environment, consideration for visitors, neighbours and the environment in general.

Due to the activities that are carried out within the accident repair and vehicle painting industry, all sites are registered with the relevant local authority and hold Pollution Prevention Control (PPC) Permits. All sites also hold Waste Producers authorisation permits and all waste removed is only removed via holders of Waste Producers, Waste Carriers and Waste Site permits. Where possible, materials and parts are sourced from recyclable materials including, if permitted, using parts from salvaged vehicles. All products used in spraying of vehicles are fully compliant, including the increasing use of aqua based paint products.

To reduce the amount of waste going to landfill, all waste is segregated into specific categories enabling around 75% of waste produced to be removed from the site to be recycled. Daily emission air monitoring checks are carried out and recorded to ensure that the operation does not have any effect on the environment; regular inspections are carried out, as well as externally sourced audits to ensure all sites conform to regulations and the Group companies’ policies.

It was with their inbuilt commitment to the environment in mind and a wish to improve their efficiency at all levels with a major upgrade of the lighting systems at their yards at their Thurrock depot that two projects were born.

One of the projects involved replacing all of the lighting with the latest in LED Lighting. The lighting was very old and inefficient and they had issues when replacing bulbs which are expensive and high in co2. The old lighting was also causing an issue with electricity bills and running costs as they were so inefficient. A further issue was that it was essential for yard staff to work safely and accurately inside to repair the vehicles and in the winter months, the poor lighting caused major productivity issues.

One major part of one project was the installation of a new spray-booth oven, incorporating energy efficient LED lighting and an energy efficient radiant heating system. The heating in the body-shop workshop was very old and inefficient. It had been in place from very early on and there were issues arising with insufficient heat in the winter. This was also impacting on their electricity bills due to the age and inefficiency of the old system.

The Process

Spectrum first contacted the LoCASE team following a recommendation by LG Networks. A free energy audit from one of the LoCASE Energy Advisors was arranged and with their guidance, the application process was soon completed and submitted. The next stage was for the company to gain the relevant quotes needed. Once speedily approved, the project of replacing the lighting in both workshops and yards and the heating in the bodyshop was soon underway.

The Outcome

Spectrum received two grants from LoCASE for each sister parts of the company amounting to £10,000 each – a mighty £20,000 award in total. Spectrum has now been able to install the new spray-booth oven, replace all of its outdated lighting with the latest LED energy efficient systems, along with the installation of the latest in high efficiency radiant tube heaters in its bodyshop, which will be capable of delivering exceptional performance in terms of both efficiency and energy reduction.


“The process with LoCASE was very smooth… the application was also made easier with their ability to quickly understand our industry, business and project…they assisted in my calculations for the savings in our CO2 emissions and electricity …which also assisted greatly in our application…and the investment we have made with LoCASE’s help, has greatly improved our business both operationally, financially and environmentally.”

Mark McAspurn – Finance Director, Spectrum Vehicle Repairers Group of Companies

For further information regarding the LoCASE project, please contact business@thurrock.gov.uk or visit www.locase.co.uk
Phone: 01375 652271