The Project

SAILSetc has been a market leader in equipment for radio control model racing yachts since 1978 within a market that is mostly export based. The expertise gained over the years, combined with direct involvement in the sport (director, designer and sailmaker Graham Bantock was a previous world champion) aids the understanding of the complex designs needed within this market.

Graham identified the need to purchase Solidworks 3D CAD design software to enable quicker conversion of an original design to the necessary format and also the ability to innovate these designs in what would currently be a very costly process through conventional injection moulding.

Apart from equipment intended for the major international RC yachting classes, SAILSetc also makes model sails for wind tunnel testing, model sails for use on sailing models of full size design projects, hull appendages and hulls for tank test yacht models, rigs for autonomous yachts, along with work carried out under confidentiality agreements and for America’s Cup teams.

The Process

SAILSetc contacted the LoCASE team following a recommendation by Solidworks itself. A free energy audit from one of the LoCASE Energy Advisors was arranged and with their guidance, the application process was soon completed and submitted. The next stage was for the company to gain the relevant quotes needed. Once speedily approved, the project was soon underway.cost.

The Outcome

By receiving a LoCASE grant of almost £3,000, SAILSetc has been able to purchase Solidworks 3D CAD software and training. As a result, the company is able to design more innovative parts which can be 3D printed, replacing the need for injection moulding which produces as much waste as the final product. A 50% reduction in plastic content!

Also, the company has reduced energy demand through the injection moulding process by 429 kWh and in turn, through reduced delivery of parts worldwide, offset 0.46 TCO2e/year.

Combine these savings with further cost savings of £495.70pa, as well as a potential shipping reduction for both the customer along with SAILSetc itself, up to approx. £18,000 (gradually year on year), the project has proved to be very successful and the resulting outcome exactly as the company had hoped for from the start.


“Access to a LOCASE grant has encouraged us to buy the Solidworks 3D CAD program so that we can produce some of our existing parts, and many new parts, using 3D printing instead of using conventional methods which often rely on costly tooling. In particular, thanks to the ability to design and specify complex 3D shapes using Solidworks, we are able to develop parts that will help keep our product range ahead of the competition.”

Graham Bantock, Director SAILSetc

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