Java and Jazz

Java and Jazz


The Challenge

Java and Jazz is an independently owned pizzeria and café in Forest Row. The restaurant is a popular meeting place for the community, acting as a local hub and employing a team of local young people. With an ambition to expand the business and start a new takeaway service, Java and Jazz were looking to install a new, larger pizza oven to help grow their business..

The Project

The original large gas fired pizza oven took around an hour to heat up and had no separated modules which could be turned off independently. This meant that it needed to be switched on at all operational hours of the day, even during quiet times when only a section of the oven was needed. As a result, the running costs of the oven were very high and when it came to peak times for the restaurant, it was often too small to cope with demand. Java and Jazz got in contact with the LoCASE team to undergo a free energy audit where it was identified that installing a new oven, upgrading to LED lighting, and using fridges with more efficient alternatives could make huge cost and energy savings.

The Impact

Java and Jazz went on to successfully apply for a LoCASE grant to help fund the costs of the pizza oven. The new oven is larger and has separated modules to allow for sections of the oven to be turned off when they are not needed. It also heats up very quickly resulting in less energy being wasted and allowing for more delicious pizzas to be served to happy customers.


“I was very pleased to be approached by the LoCASE team who offered support in evaluating our energy requirements to make us a greener organisation. We found the team thorough, supportive and very responsive. With LoCASE support we have not only gained stronger environmental credentials, but also doubled our oven capacity, a win-win for Java and Jazz Ltd. We found the process quick and simple, and would highly recommend it to other organisations.”

John Gallagher, Java and Jazz (Owner)


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