Healthy Life Essex

Healthy Life Essex


The Project

Printing and website service, HEALTHY LIFE ESSEX, was set up to help people take responsibility for their own health and well-being and support a happier, healthier, greener lifestyle.

Originally developed 10 years ago, the HEALTHY LIFE ESSEX website was identified by MD Jill Poet as being in desperate need of an update; the major concerns being that the website wasn’t mobile compatible and didn’t have a CMS (content management system). Their IT equipment was also very old and outdated, needing to be upgraded to support new software such as Windows 10.

The need for a concerted marketing campaign was identified to ensure that when the new website was launched, the support was in place to make sure everything went smoothly and their message was reaching their market target audience.

The Process

HEALTHY LIFE ESSEX contacted the LoCASE Team after being involved in a similar (previous) Low Carbon project and although they didn’t apply for funding at that time, they were aware that a new funding scheme was soon to be introduced. A visit was arranged with a LoCASE Energy Advisor and the project was soon underway with the paperwork being processed and the energy audit completed.

The LoCASE Energy Advisor worked with the company to ensure that its needs were met and once all of the criteria were fulfilled, the chosen providers and suppliers were soon on board and the new equipment sourced and installed.

The Outcome

HEALTHY LIFE ESSEX received a LoCASE grant of £10,000 and was able to engage social media experts, KLW Business Evolution of Rayleigh, Essex and purchase the relevant hardware such as a new PC and storage system, as well as engage local, Shoeburyness based company, All Things Scene, to start the design and build of their new website.


“LoCASE funding has helped us purchase IT equipment and a new mobile-friendly website with a great content management system, enabling us to grow our business AND encourage people to lead a happier, healthier, greener lifestyle. The LoCASE team have been fantastic throughout…Do contact them if you want to save money and expand your business!”

Jill Poet – MD, Healthy Life Essex

For further information regarding the LoCASE project, please contact or visit
Phone: 01375 652271