The Project


Cyclepods Ltd is a growing business based in Westerham (Kent). They provide innovative and environmentally friendly cycle and scooter storage solutions.

They needed to refurbish an office space following recent office relocation and purchase a 3D printer to revolutionise their research and design processes. They also needed to develop a linear version of the acclaimed scooterpod required an upgrade to their existing IT server. The exact costs were identified in their application with a total cost of approximately £72,000.

The project was selected because of the company’s very rapid growth. They had outgrown their exiting offices and required a central location form which to operate all aspects of the business.

R&D costs are the biggest drain on their resources and with plans to release two to three new designs per year the proposals put forward will offered the business significant savings in both time and cost.

Green Actions

• Annual kWh Energy Reduction – 2/3 reduction in power usage.
• Annual CO2 Energy Reduction – 38 tonnes
• Annual Tonnes Waste Reduction/Diversion – 1 tone Polymer Plastics

Technology Involved

• 3D Printers – revolutionised the way in which they design whilst enabling them to construct scale prototypes for new designs.
• IT Server Upgrade has kept cash flow positive and able to work at a faster speed due to software upgrades.

The project received funding from LC+ in order to part-fund four separate projects.

  • Created one new job and safeguarded sixteen others.
  • Improved business survival by reducing utility costs and generating power.