Bocking Village Club

Bocking Village Club


The Project

Bocking Village Club is a modern social club located near Braintree, Essex. The building consists of a large hall, bar and restaurant as well as two separate snooker rooms. The club holds a variety of different functions with a maximum capacity of 200 guests. The original air conditioning system consisted of 12 units from differing manufacturers (three of the units are no longer working). Some of the units were obsolete using R22ref gas. All units operated via separated controls and the lack of overall management control, resulted in significant energy consumption and poor levels of comfort for their members and guests.

The club aimed to replace this old system with units made by just one manufacturer, creating a centrally controlled Air Source Heat Pump system (ASHP), consisting of 13 indoor units throughout the club.

The Process

Bocking Village Club heard about the LoCASE project when they were looking into replacing their old, outdated air conditioning system. With support from the LoCASE Energy Advisor, they completed the grant application form, got the two required independent quotes for the new system including fitting and within a very short space of time from hearing about the grant scheme, the application was submitted and Bocking Village Club was able to commence with the project.

The Outcome

A LoCASE grant of £10,000 enabled Bocking Village Club to replace its outdated air conditioning system with a centrally controlled system manufactured by Mitsubishi.

The new system comprises nine outdoor heat pumps, nine wall mounted inverter units, a centralised control system and an additional indoor ducted system. The club now benefits not only from the energy savings, but also by having all the new units brought into alignment for servicing and warranty etc.

The new system has projected energy savings of 41,462 kWh per annum and CO2 emissions of 17.08 tonnes CO2 per annum resulting in potential cost savings of over £4,350 per annum.

The advantage of the new system is not just the gain from reduced energy consumption and with it the lower bills, but also the fact that the club’s members and guests can now enjoy all of the facilities offered throughout the hall in comfort.


“The LoCASE grant of £10,000 meant that we were able to go ahead with our plans to overhaul our old, outdated air conditioning system and install one that our members and guests can enjoy whether they are dancing the night away, shouting ‘house’ at our Sunday bingo nights or enjoying a super meal in our excellent Weavers Restaurant. The money we have saved on our bills has been excellent also!”

Terry Surrey, Chairman, Premises Committee, Bocking Village Club

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