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Basildon Rugby Football Club



The Project

Basildon Rugby Football Club was founded in 1955 by the Irish priest of St Michael’s Pitsea, the Rev. N Woodrow. The cluBasildon RFC 2b found its first permanent home at Drumcondra House in 1961, thanks to Alan Strachan its first President. However, the facilities were quite basic and a commitment was made by the club, financial and otherwise, to relocate to a new clubhouse and ground in Gardiner’s Lane in 1974 where they enjoyed over 30 years of playing rugby. Now located on Gardeners Close, the club is looking forward to future success both on and off the pitch.

The need for improved, modern lighting throughout the clubhouse was identified as being a special need. The club needed to upgrade its system to modern LED lights and fittings. This would mean not only the 5 changing rooms being upgraded, but also the entrance area & hall, function room/dining hall, cellar, office, kitchen, lounge & bar area, shower room and ladies & gents toilets all benefitting from a first class, energy efficient system.

The ProcessBasildon RFC 4

Basildon Rugby Football Club contacted the LoCASE Project via one of the club Vice-Presidents who put the supplier Camden in touch with them. An assessment took place and the need for the new lighting system was confirmed along with the savings that could be made on its energy bills. The paper work was completed and a supplier chosen who would undertake the supply and fitting of the new lighting.

The Outcome

The positive outcome of the project resulting in a grant of £3,000 has meant that the club has now replaced its outdated lighting with a modern LED lighting system.

The project has also enabled the club to improve their energy efficiency and save around £1,000 per year on energy bills. The savings made will then be available for re-investment into club and community development programmes.


“As with all funding schemes, there are a number of hoops to jump through and we applied for both the LoCASE grant and also funds from the Rugby Football Foundation. Both of these have a bit of administration but were successfully negotiated with a bit of effort and support.

The impact on the clubs energy bills seems to have had the predicted effect, with year on year comparisons showing between a 40-50% reduction…We are delighted!”

Dave Hare, Treasurer, Basildon Rugby Football Club Ltd

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