Andun Engineering Consultants

Andun Ltd


The Project

ANDUN Ltd is a small, family run, structural engineering consultancy established in 1990 providing specialist engineering services to the construction industry both in the UK & worldwide.

The company handles complex demolition work including the design of temporary works, cranes and specialist lifting equipment. It is also involved in complex forensic engineering investigations.

The LoCASE Team were approached by Andun Ltd in the hope that they might qualify for a grant that would allow them to install a new 3D CAD system. This would allow them to carry out finite element analysis (FEA) on buildings that collapse during demolition, enabling analytical models to be constructed and analysed rather than pre-fabricated in steel to test failures.

This would also allow them to use the system in conjunction with their 3D printer, enabling them to undertake day to day business more effectively and cost-efficiently.

The Process

Andun Ltd was introduced to LoCASE by the software supplier Innova Systems. Following a visit by the LoCASE Energy Advisor, the two required quotes were submitted and the process moved up a gear. The grant was approved and the company was able to move forward and install the much-needed CAD software.

The Outcome

Andun Ltd was awarded over £2,300 representing 40% of the total project costs – this has resulted in savings of around £750 and 0.95 tonnes of CO2e per annum. Another benefit from the project has seen savings being made due to the reduction in steel and paper waste.


“The LoCASE team were a pleasure to deal with and the whole process ran very smoothly. The CAD software we purchased has enabled us to carry out designing and 3D printing in-house so we benefit from the resultant savings and reduce our carbon footprint.”

Kim Holdsworth, Administrator, Andun Ltd

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