Low Carbon and Renewable Energy News

LoCASE recruitment process complete


Further to the successful approval of the Low Carbon Across the South & East (LoCASE) Project we are pleased to inform you that Kent County Council have completed a recruitment process for an increased number of staff to work on this project. We are excited to introduce Sam, Rachel, Ellen, Greg, James and Hannah to the team, they look forward to supporting your business increase their environmental sustainability. This is an ambitious project and Kent County Council reflected that in our novel approach to recruitment for this project to ensure a local footprint in each of the regions this project will be delivered in. The world has changed, and with it comes the creation of new opportunities!

The 6 new roles will be responsible for day-today delivery and operation of the LoCASE 3 project, including grant administration, business engagement and output monitoring ultimately enabling KCC to act as the Lead Partner for this unique multi-LEP project.

The LoCASE Team